2021 Super Absorbent Floor Mat

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Let your kitchen, bathroom no longer bear the damage of water stains, oil stains!



It is made from Coral Velvet, our new sustainable weave of organic Turkish Cotton and Oeko-Tex certified Bamboo fibre. It will undoubtedly change your life.

  • Amazingly soft and comfortable
  • Instant Water Absorption in 0,5s & dries quickly
  • Relentless anti-slip safety
  • Machine wash and dry at will

ULTRA SOFT & FLUFFY : An incomparable feeling of softness. The pebbles hug the arch of the foot and store the heat from the floor heating systems with one goal in mind: your comfort.

INSTANT ABSORPTION (0,5 seconds): Showering multiple times without flooding the bathroom is no longer a dream as it absorbs water three times faster than a cotton bath mat!

ANTI-SLIP SAFETY : For your safety, the underside of the mat has an innovative anti-slip material that is truly effective on all types of floors—tile, parquet, etc.

QUICK & EASY MAINTENANCE | Easy to Clean : We have designed it to be ultra-resistant to machine washing and drying. It will remain soft and effective for life, just like the first day! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to maintain it well?
Your bath mat is very resistant, but take care of it all the same. Regular washing at 30° is enough to preserve its fibres (and the planet). Avoid using fabric softeners, and if you have a dryer, don't hesitate to give it a spin at 60°. It will come out softer, smoother and plumper.

Is it really anti-slip?
Safety is at the centre of our attention. That's why our bath mat is designed to stay where it's placed and not anywhere else. So, now we challenge you to make it slide!

How fast does it dry?
Each fibre dries differently; you can easily notice it when you hang your laundry, for example. Its absorbency allows it to keep water in a very specific area. Then, the coral velvet fibres come into action and dry more or less quickly, depending on the humidity level of the environment.

What is its composition?
Our coral velvet is an innovative weave consisting of 60% Oeko-Tex certified bamboo, 40% organic Turkish cotton, and 20% wool.

Are there other colours?
Yes, we also have the carpet in black. Unfortunately, they are currently out of stock, but we are doing our best to make them available again.


SIZE:  M 15.7in*23.6in\L  19.7in*31.5in

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