360 rotatable folding hook

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Are you bothered by the bad display of kitchen supplies?


  • 360 degree rotation, easy to find the desired position, the curved arm is firmly fixed and prevents it from slipping.

  • Installation on the non-porous wall: the bracket can be used on a smooth surface. No perforation, no marking, no damage or traces on the wall.

  • Small, easy to carry, easy to use at home, in the office or when traveling. Waterproof and moisture-proof, super load-bearing, withstands 8 kg.

  • Multipurpose: brushes, spatulas, sieves, water bottles, paring knives, rags and other kitchen utensils; It can also be used to hang belts, ties, scarves, bags, necklaces and other accessories in the room.

  • Its modern and stylish appearance is suitable for any decorative home and is very suitable for bedroom closets, hall closets, kitchens, bathrooms and garages.


  • Color: white and black

  • Weight: 5g

  • Material: PP

  • Package: 1 * / 2 * / 4 * 360  rotatable folding hook

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