3D printed Articulated Dragon

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Looks almost like Shenron from Dragon Ball Z or the Dragon from Shang Chi!

This incredible dragon is designed with sharp spikes along the spine and is not recommend for small children or rough handling. The whiskers will not be inserted prior to shipping but will separated for the buyer to place in the whisker holes due to being a fragile piece that may prone to breakage. The whiskers are press fit and should not require gluing . The dragon extends 400mm. The dragon can be printed in several colors with more to come.

These are so much fun to play with and durable even for kids.

This is a truly unique gift item!

Please note that since these are 3D printed you might see layer line where it builds up the materials ontop of each other or slight stringing.

I would not recommended for kids under 6 years old.

The articulating Dragon has pivoting legs/arms and body parts!

These are made to order and processing time will vary.

It IS NOT painted. You can easily paint with acrylic paints or an airbrush or spray paints!

The Whiskers / Smoke will be shipped not attached but can easily be inserted or super glued in place.

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