Body Whitening Cream Moisturizing Brighten Body Lotion

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Whitening and brighten both face & body immediately And will definitely recommend this to anyone who is struggling with any kind of skin darkening issue!

The Body Care Brightening Cream is effective in fading melanin and instantly whitening dark and discolored spots.

This cream has been proven to:

  • Provide instant whitening effect on discolored spots. including the elbows. knees. back. necklines. leg and bikini areas. face. underarms. etc.
  • Contain mild ingredients with plant extracts and potent brightening agents that lighten skin tone without leaving it dry. itchy or irritated
  • Inhibit melanin production and remove discoloration from the source
  • Make complexion even toned even in summertime
  • Moisturize skin and soften rough texture
  • Conceal pores. blemishes. and dark spots
  • Suit all skin types


Elsie Armstrong. AU

   I have discoloration in my armpits. inner thighs and bikini area because of constant friction. And this is the only product that saved my skin just in time for summer! Amazing and affordable alternative to derma peels. I just apply this on the area after each bath. and I saw results in one week!


Victoria Escobar. UK

I've been using the Body Care Brightening Cream on my rough. dark elbows since I bought it a few weeks ago and it has really done wonders! It fades the dark layers of the skin while soothing the dry patches. Amazing product. I'll definitely try using this in other spots as well!


Andi Tan. USA

The Body Care Brightening Cream is gentle enough to use on the bikini area. It can even soothe inflammation caused by friction. That's how nourishing and amazing the formula of this cream is! It not just whitens. but also repairs the damaged skin. evens out the skin tone. and gets rid of the rough texture.

Your skin. especially the areas that are often exposed to the sun or friction. is prone to dark patches. But with a wide array of whitening products available in the market. choosing a product can be a daunting task.


Save yourself the trouble of trying and testing each product to get visible results. With the Body Care Brightening Cream. you can solve your skin dilemma and achieve a lighter complexion in just a few days!


7-day whitening can be achieved with the Body Care Brightening Cream!

The Body Care Brightening Cream lightens dark elbow and knees. discoloration on your face and neck. inner leg and bikini areas. underarms and other areas in as fast as seven days. It reduces the appearance of stubborn dark spots. inhibits melanin production. and minimizes pigmentation from the source.

This fast-acting whitening cream works by using an innovative technology to create fine pearl powder and texture that penetrates the deeper layers of the skin. reducing melanin on the top areas of the skin and removing the discolored spots.

The potent yet gentle formula contains pure plant extracts and no chemicals. making it mild and safe for all skin types. In addition to active whitening agents. this melanin removal cream is also infused with a skin-hydrating blend of glycerin. mineral oil. and squalane that helps in brightening your skin tone while keeping it moisturized. nourished. and rejuvenated.


Core Ingredient Highlight:

  • Fine pearl powder - Inhibits melanin production. lightens skin tone. and reduces blemishes. dark spots. and appearance of pores
  • Pigment-grade titanium dioxide - Conceals blemishes. dark spots. and discoloration and brightening the skin
  • Glycerin - Retains the skin's moisture. improves hydration. softens the skin's surface. and smooths rough texture
  • Squalene - Gives intense moisture. eases dry patches. makes skin appear luminous. and reduces uneven skin tone
  • Mineral oil - Prevents water loss through the skin. keeping it hydrated


 Body Care Brightening Cream is a powerful cream that really eliminates dark spots and uneven skin tone. The formulation is gentle yet potent. it's even effective in correcting melanoma and other hyperpigmentation issues. Plus. you'll surely love the light texture and pleasant smell. I highly recommend this amazing whitening cream!” - Kelly Tan. YouTube skincare vlogger

“It lightens my bikini area in just one week!” - Belle Martinez shares her experience with the  Body Care Brightening Cream


Day 1:

Underwear friction and Inner leg chafing or rubbing were a real concern for me. These led to rashes and discoloration that become stubborn dark spots over time. I was looking for a product to lighten the area because the summer season is fast approaching. and I didn't want to worsen the dark spots in those areas. So. I decided to try theBELLEZON Body Care Brightening Cream. On the first use. I didn't experience any sensitivity. I noticed that it somehow brightened the skin on the first application.


Day 3:

Wow. This stuff really worked! I noticed a huge difference in the skin tone in the affected parts. It softened the skin too. It used to be rough. now the area is smooth to the touch.


Day 7:

I thought this cream was too good to be true. but gals. I was wrong! After consistently applying this cream on areas with discoloration for a week. the dark spots are now gone! This is a miracle worker. I'll definitely buy another one for my bikini area

Product Specification:

  • Unit weight: 200g
  • Shelf life: 3 years

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Body Care Brightening Cream

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