Cardinal Heart Pendant Necklace

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Cardinal necklace is designed for someone who lost a loved one or struggling to get one. Its believed that Cardinals appear when angels are near when you see one, it's a visitor from heaven, a kind of healing jewelry for those left behind, offering Condolences or Passion when he/she is grieving or is in search of Love One.

Cardinal symbolizes the spiritual messenger of our lost loved ones. 
Perfect gift for those who have passed away but are still living in their hearts, high polishing, classical, It's fit any gifts occasion.

This necklace is a wonderful little gift for those struggling with grief or loss. Let the necklace engraved with this scripture accompany you through the hard days.


  •  Cardinal appear when Angels are near. 

  •  Chain length: 18'Chain Length + 2' Extender. 

  •  Pendant Size: 0.88 * 0.86 inches. 

  •  Color: Silver. 

  •  Recipient: Women,Mom,Wife,Girl Friend,Children,Family.

  •  Occasions: Valentine's Day,Mother's Day,Christmas,Birthday,etc. 

  •  Gift Type: Necklace. 

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