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Make lips look fuller

My total go-to lip stain

The Lip Liner Pen is an accurate, partial odor-resistant oral warmer. The unique theory of oral warming is meant to be non-dry and offer a comfortable and slow finish. This heat comes in a comfortable pen design, which relieves the application and removal. The pen is perfect for creating precise and defined lines and helps keep your lipstick in place all day.

Main Features

✅ Long-wear, up to 12 hours!
✅ Smudge proof
✅ Safe nourishing ingredients
✅ Transfer proof

The linear stain can define your lips all day long. It can keep your lips clean day and night, make your lips look careless and keep them tight for hours.

With the oral safety formula, the pigment strengthens the skin barrier of all skin types. In addition to vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, it can bring a sticky spark to fat lips.

How To Use?

1️⃣ Gently cleanse and exfoliate lips to remove residue product and dead skin. Wash lips and pat dry. Lip Liner works best on bare, clean, dry skin - no balm or other lip product prior to application. Exfoliating wil create a smooth canvas, so the peel-off film can develop evenly on your lip line and not on flakes. Do not use on chapped lips.

2️⃣ Using the precision-tip applicator, trace along the lip line in an even layer. Leave on up to 10-20 minutes. After formula has set, yse fingers to slowly peel the film tint off to unveil smudge-proof, long-wear lip color!

3️⃣ Complete with your favorite lip gloss or product.


Volume: 5ml

Gross Weight: 15g

Color: Dark brown,Light brown,Burgundy

Ingredients: Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Tocopherol (Vitamin e), Raspberry Fruit Extract, White Pond Flower Seed Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol

Package size 1.5*1.5*8.9cm

Package Includes

1* Liniary pen sticks lips


1. Please read all instructions before use.
2. You have to stay away from getting children's hands.

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