Magnetic Eyelashes 3 pairs of eyeliner

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From now on no glue, no problems and no more frustration when applying eyelashes. The magnetic lashes are beautiful and reusable for a long time. They feel weightless and invisible, so there is no 'false eyelash effect'. Look as good as you do every day!

'' Within 2 minutes my look was complete! The lashes are firm and last a long time. '- Lilly

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EASY - They can be inserted in a few seconds. The lashes remain firmly attached to the magnetic eyeliner. At the end of the day, you can remove the lashes with 1 movement.

RECYCLABLE - Eyelashes can be used for a long time.

NO EYE LIP ADHESIVE - The magnets in the lashes ensure that you no longer need lash glue. The natural lashes can be damaged by glue.

MOVEMENT ASSISTANT - The magnetic effect ensures that the lashes remain perfectly seated.

DESIGN - The perfect artificial eyelash for beautiful full lashes every day. Each design is perfectly shaped and the gear vo l effect for an intense, enchanting look.

What will you get?

3 pairs of magnetic eyelashes
1 x tweezers for eyelashes
1 x magnetic eyeliner

    why more and more women use the magnetic eyelashes from BeautySofie!


    STEP 1. Apply a layer of magnetic eyeliner on the upper lash line.

    STEP 2. After the eyeliner has dried, apply Magnetic Eyelashes.

    STEP 3. You are ready! Go through the day with confidence!Use of MagicCils faux-cils

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