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 4 Colors Lipstick Set: 4 Colors Matte Lipstick ,long lasting and waterproof,easy to remove with lip cleansing oil.Perfect as a gift send to Lover, Family and Friends when Valentine's Day, Birthday and other Festival ! Full size lipstick of most popular colors.

Long-lasting and Waterproof: Lipstick Cigarettes set makes you look great all day long. The color will continue to be maintained, no need to check and reapply frequently.

Natural Formula: Vitamin E, beeswax, vegetable oil and other natural ingredients, natural beeswax lock water to achieve a long-lasting moisturizing effect, you get a beautiful and attractive matte lip color the moment.

Multiple Occasions: It’s silky, exquisite and elegant, make up your lips lightly, suitable for all seasons makeup, especially in office, dating, shopping, summer party with friends.This is a very convenient, very beautiful lip makeup set, easy to wear.

Unique Package Design: Unique cigarette boxes design, be the most charming and cool girls. Do you want to have a "cigarette"? Let everyone addicted to your beauty.


Size: As shown

Package: Cigarette Lipstick Set ×1

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are included in the Matte Cigarette Lipstick Set?

The set includes 4 different matte colors. Each color is selected to be popular and versatile, suitable for various occasions and styles.

How long does the lipstick typically last before needing reapplication?

The lipstick is designed for long wear, typically lasting for several hours. However, the exact duration can vary based on factors like eating, drinking, and individual lip conditions.

Is this lipstick set suitable for sensitive skin?

The lipsticks contain natural ingredients like Vitamin E and beeswax, which are generally kind to the skin. However, if you have particularly sensitive skin, it's advisable to check the full ingredient list or conduct a patch test.

What is the finish of the lipstick? Is it matte, satin, or glossy?

The lipsticks in this set have a matte finish, which is known for its non-shiny and flat look, providing a modern and elegant appearance.

How does the waterproof feature affect the feel of the lipstick on the lips?

While being waterproof, the lipstick aims to be comfortable and light on the lips. However, some users might find it slightly drier than non-waterproof variants, a common trait in long-lasting, waterproof formulas.

Are the lipsticks vegan and cruelty-free?

The product description mentions natural ingredients but does not specifically state if the lipsticks are vegan or cruelty-free. It would be best to consult the manufacturer for these specific details.

Is the packaging eco-friendly?

The unique cigarette box design is eye-catching, but there is no specific information provided about the eco-friendliness of the packaging materials.

How does the color payoff compare to other lipsticks in the market?

The Matte Cigarette Lipstick Set is designed to provide high color payoff, meaning the colors are rich and vivid, comparable to other high-quality lipsticks in the market.

Can the lipsticks be mixed to create custom shades?

Yes, you can mix the lipsticks to create custom shades. Their creamy and blendable formula allows for easy mixing.

How bulky is the packaging? Is it travel-friendly?

The set's size is as shown, which suggests it's compact and travel-friendly. The unique design might add some bulk compared to standard lipstick tubes, but it should still be convenient for carrying in a makeup bag.

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