💕Natural Latex Lifting Seamless Bra

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The best support for your breasts, back, shoulders and neck!

92% of women find a bra uncomfortable. This is not surprising! The hard underwires and tight straps cut into the skin. This can leave the skin red and irritated.

The  is the solution to this uncomfortable and common problem. From now on, you will have a good support for your breastsbackshoulders and neck without being bothered by wearing it! 

Good support is very important (especially for women with larger breasts). If you don't have this, you can get a lot of backshoulder and neck problems. That is why the contains a firm push-up effect. The pads provide support and keep the breasts in place. Also during sports. 

The breathable material ensures that it does not feel wet when you sweat. In addition, the elastic material moulds itself perfectly to your body. Because the  has no underwires, seams or tight straps, you will not be bothered by wearing it and you will not get rubbing points. It doesn't get any more comfortable than this!    


✔️No underwires, seams and tight straps - The Graceful Bra contains no underwires, seams and tight straps. This makes the bra comfortable and prevents painful rubbing points.

✔️Stable posture - The Graceful Bra ensures that your breasts, back, shoulders and neck are supported. The strong elastic material and pads lift the breasts and keep them in place.

✔️Push-up - The Graceful Bra provides a natural push-up effect, so that the breasts do not droop. This way, the bra ensures that your back, shoulders and neck do not become uncomfortable.

✔️Soft and comfortable - The breathable material of the Graceful Bra is soft and comfortable. You won't feel any discomfort from wearing it. 

✔️No visible back fat - Due to the wide supporting band, back fat will not be visible.

Please note: we recommend ordering one size bigger than your normal size.


Material: Cotton + Elastane + Polyester
Washing recommendation: 30°C, preferably hand wash or softest wash cycle.
Due to elasticity, there may be a 0.5-1.5 inch size deviation.

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