Natural Rose Essence Lip Balm Lipstick

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Dry and fragile lips makes you look bad? You need a Moisturizing & Burden-free lipstick this Winter!

This Natural Rose Essence Lip Balm Lipstick contains rose flower essential oil, the texture is moisturizing and non-sticky, and it gently nourishes the lip skin, prevent and improve the dryness and dullness of lips, creating a natural and good complexion

Stop making your lips dry, sticky and dull! Give your lips a moisturizing and healthy care this winter!

Specially invited colorists, meticulously modulate 8 colors for any choice, suitable for any occasion, lip care at any time and easily improve the condition of lips. 


  • Moisturizing nutrition. Suitable for poor lips, such as dryness, peeling, dullness, lip lines, etc. Gentle repair, improve lip condition. 

  • Safe ingredients without burden. Using natural ingredients, mild and non-irritating. Nutrient ingredients continue to repair and improve the lip condition, long-term use can effectively improve and prevent lip problems.

  • Lasting color. Long-lasting color development, not easy to fade, keep the lips in the best condition.

8 Colors Optional: 


  • Shelf Life:3 years

  • Skin Type: For all skin types

  • Color: 8 colors


  • 2 x Natural Rose Essence Lip Balm Lipstick

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