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5 Reasons Why NovaHair Shampoo Is Better Than Traditional Beard Dye

NO Mess, NO Stains, NO Damage, And Only Takes 10 Minutes

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10 Minutes Instant Results

No Wait Required, NovaHair Shampoo works straight out of the box. Apply evenly onto dry hair, wait 10 minutes and wash it off. It’s that easy.

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No Hair Damage

Consistent use of traditional box dyes can permanently damage your hair due to the ammonia and peroxide they contain, which harm the cuticles.

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NovaHair shampoo is free from ammonia and peroxide, preventing damage while delivering rich nutrients for a healthy treatment, leaving your hair soft, healthy, and luscious.

  • Fo-ti Extract: Known for its anti-aging properties, Fo-ti helps maintain natural hair color and promotes hair growth.
  • Ganoderma Lucidum Extract: This powerful mushroom extract strengthens hair follicles and adds shine to your locks.
  • Black Sesame Extract: Rich in antioxidants, black sesame nourishes the scalp and helps in preventing premature graying.
  • Saponin Extract: Derived from soapberries, saponin provides a natural cleansing action, leaving your hair clean and vibrant.
  • Ginseng Extract: A well-known tonic for hair health, ginseng stimulates the scalp and improves hair strength.

Long Lasting Perfect Coverage

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We offer five different colors: BlackDark BrownLight Brown, Red, Purple

That offer perfect coverage even against the toughest of grey hairs. Coverage lasts up to 4-6 weeks depending on how frequently you wash your hair. 

One Bottle Lasts Over 4 Months

NovaHair comes in a normal shampoo bottle, allowing you to control the exact amount every time. No more wasteful packets. One bottle usually lasts over 4 months, making it a bang for your buck.

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Easy To Apply With No Mess

NovaHair doesn't stain, requires no equipment, and no setup time. It's so easy you can fit it into a normal shower routine. 

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Note: It must be wiped off counter tops within 10 minutes, otherwise it could leave a tiny stain.

Over 100,000 Customers Have Made The Switch

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